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America is one huge country and lots to see and do. And here on America eGuide we provide  America travel information  on all the main places and attractions. In the Western region of the USA, the major cities to visit are  Seattle  in Washington,  San Francisco  and  Los Angeles  in California, and  Las Vegas  in Nevada.



Seattle is the "coffee capital of the world" because the city has a plethora of cafes that serve the most heavenly cups of coffee. Beyond its interesting music and arts culture, Seattle also has the Space Needle with the Sky City restaurant, which is a delightful experience for taking in the city.

In the Midwest, the major cities to visit are  Minneapolis  in Minnesota,  Chicago  in Illinois, and  Detroit  in Michigan. If New York City is known as the Big Apple, Minneapolis and the nearby city of  St. Paul  are called together as the Mini Apple. Minneapolis has first-class museums, incomparable theaters, and picturesque parks and gardens. Detroit in Michigan, however, is the known as the USA Automotive Capital. It is the location of the major factories of the three biggest car makers in the US.

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The northeast of America is the location of numerous industrialized cities. But the two major cities to visit are  New York  and  Boston . New York is the city that never sleeps. It is sometimes called Manhattan, as well as the Empire City because of the Empire State building. Indeed,  New York  is the world-famous living Museum of American History. It has a Chinatown, a Little Italy, a Ukrainian Museum, and the Atlantis Marine World. New York is no just a representative of America, but also a representative of the whole world.

In the South, the major cities to visit are  Houston  in Texas,  Atlanta  in Georgia, and  Orlando  in Florida. Houston, due to its vast oil fields, is known as the Oil Capital of the United States. But oilrig's do not dominate Houston's skyline.

Houston is also known for the entertainment complex called the Bayou Place, the Moody Gardens that contained the Rainforest Pyramid and the Aquarium Pyramid, and the Space Center where spacecrafts are docked and astronauts are training for future missions.

There is more to the USA culture than blue jeans, high fashion, reality shows, and Hollywood movies. The United States of America is a melting pot of cultures. The country benefited from waves upon waves of immigration that led to a uniquely American mix of traditions and lifestyles.

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The United States has all of its 48 states bordering each other. These are referred to as the 48 contiguous states. The other two states are separated from the main geographical territory.  Alaska  is towards the North Pole region and  Hawaii  is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

The first settlers in the region were Native Americans, but there were no known records as to when they first came. Then, the region was rediscovered, first by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and then by Giovanni Caboto in 1497.

Tourists can enter USA by train or car if coming from Canada or Mexico , as there are more than 150 land ports. Tourists can also reach the country by plane from practically anywhere in the world. There are over 100 international airports that cater to millions of tourists that enter the country every day. Over 14,000 other airports support these international airports. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the busiest international airports are the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, the Los Angeles Airport in California , the Miami International Airport in Florida, where people flock for the warmer weather and great Florida holidays , and the O'Hare International Airport in Chicago.

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